420 V.3 Collection
420 V.3 Collection

420 V.3 Collection

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The 420 Collection has become an annual event. 

The 420 V.3 collection has 4 completely new and different shades. This set has 4 shades that each come in a 5 gram  jar. This set is a deluxe set; the jars have 1-3 grams of product. 

4/20 is a day of celebration in downtown Denver, Colorado. Since Fanny, the owner of BFTE Cosmetics, lives near Denver, she's taken inspiration to bring you a very COOL, limited edition collection.

Sticky Icky
Roach Clip

This collection is available till the end of the month, OR until inventory runs out!

Do note that there is no CBD, THC or any type of hemp or cannabis in this product.

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